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Discarded Dogs Gave Their Lives for American Soldiers

Everyone would love to believe that the brave working dogs that protect American military, first responders, and citizens have a cushy retirement plan. All too often, though, they end up in shelters in the United States or abroad where they are left alone and uncared for – but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Creating a New Future for Retired Working Dogs

Working dogs are drafted into service without any choice, and they strive tirelessly to protect American servicemen and women. When their usefulness in service is complete, it is possible for them to become peace-loving pets. Mission K9 Rescue shows the world how.

Meet the Dogs Who Have Protected Our Country

Brave servicemen and servicewomen give their lives every day to protect our country — and they are not alone. Alongside them are dedicated and highly trained canine service members who also loyally protect and serve American troops, contractors, and first responders.

Treating Canine PTSD

The men and women of the United States armed forces are not the only ones who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder after returning from active duty. The working dogs who serve alongside them often experience PTSD as well.

From Working Dog to Pet: a Tale of Transformation

Mission K9 Rescue takes in American working dogs both nationally and abroad who have entered the retirement phase of their lives. Here’s what goes into helping these dogs adapt to civilian life so they can be adopted.

Active Duty Dogs Get a New Lease On Life

Working dogs that serve in combat zones can be some of the most challenging to rehabilitate. Mission K9 Rescue is helping to ensure they have an opportunity to experience love and safety in a home environment after their service to our country.

“5 Rs” Give Working Dogs a Chance at Peaceful Retirement

Mission K9 employs a strategy of rescue, reunite, re-home, rehabilitate, and repair to help ensure working dogs have an opportunity to live out the rest of their lives in loving, peaceful homes.
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